Orange Layer Cake

Beautiful Bright Flavor Yes – I’m on a layer cake kick. I tend to do that – find one type of food and then go a bit crazy exploring different varieties. Nobody seems to complain when I’m in Cake Mode though. Matter of fact, I tend to get quite a few more calls and emails … [Read more…]

Orange Filling, or Orange Curd

Orange Curd Curds are really not much more than a pudding – imagine if pudding married marmalade, and you’d have curd. It’s fabulous for all kinds of things – on toast, scones or biscuits, as a tart filling, filling the layers of cakes, dabbed behind your ears, straight out of the jar at 2 AM…you … [Read more…]

Orange Buttercream Frosting

Fabulous Twist on a Classic Buttercream frosting is one of the most versatile recipes in your arsenal – and it’s simplicity itself. A basic buttercream is just exactly what it sounds – butter that is creamed (beaten until light and fluffy) and combined with powdered sugar, and lightened with milk or cream. Three ingredients. Once … [Read more…]

White Velvet Layer Cake

Perfect Little Classic! I think we can all agree by now that I have a serious obsession with classic Southern layer cakes. I’m not talking about the fussy things that have been tricked out with a lot of fancy decorations requiring lots of specialized tools. I mean the ones that stand a foot or two … [Read more…]

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake I found several explanations for the name of this Southern Classic – one story is that the cake is so good that you’ll hum with pleasure from the first bite. Another is that this cake is as sweet as the nectar sipped by hummingbirds in the spring and summer. Either way, this cake is … [Read more…]